9700 Szombathely,
Széll Kálmán u. 14.
Phone: 94/514-317
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Lisa Modell Bt.

  • Address: 9700 Szombathely, Széll Kálmán u. 14.
  • Phone: 94/514-317
  • Mobile: 06 30 217-1028
  • E-mail:

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-          picture, photo, graphic art, about the requested embroidery, with number of items

-          making a quotation

-          designing the embroidery program

-          creating and introducing a sample

-          commencing production


Our prices are influenced by the number of stitches and items in case of embroidery and designing alike. Discount is given on large orders.

There is a one-time price of creating the embroidery sample, which is to be paid at the first order only.


Program design: 3-5 working days

Embroidery: 3-5 working days

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